Thursday, April 19, 2012

Products I Regret Buying

There aren't a lot of products that I regret buying and which I still own. I usually throw them out as soon as I see that i'm not using them. Also recently I've thrown a lot of my makeup away. I did a huge clean-up, and i'm now slowly re-building my collection. So here they are!

First product that i'm extremely dissapointed with it MAC's beauty powder in Blush of Youth which came out with the Rose Romance collection in 2009 (I believe). I remember seeing a preview of the Rose Romance collection on Temptalia and I authomatically fell in love with the collection. I thought the rose print was really pretty, which it is. But when I went in the Mac store I swatched it and decided not to get it because of the lack of pigmentation. So when I went at a CCO I saw it there and decided to get it without swatching it, which was a bad idea. I know i'm not the first person to mention how horribly pigmented this product is. I can't even swatch it , it's just horrible. It almost feels like wax/plastic when you try to swatch it. Overall i'd give this product 1/10, because of the beautiful packaging but thats all. Total waste of money.
Another blush that I regret buying is Maybelline Mineral Power blush. This is suppose to give you a "Healthy" glow, and luminous color to your skin. Mmmmh, not so much. This is super chalky I feel like i'm applying crumbled chalk on my skin, with tons of shimmers. Very bad. Also after a couple hours of wearing it I ended up looking like a blotchy clown. It looked H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. Nothing but hate towards this product. Overall i'd give this product a 2/10 for the pigmentation and color.

It's extremely rare that I wouldn't recommend a product by Benefit. I own and love a lot of their products. This is actually the first makeup brand that my mom bought me when I started wearing  a little makeup back in 6th grade. Haha, but this lipgloss i'm just not feeling it at all. I find it smells really discusting and after applying it on your lips the taste gets in your mouth no matter how little amount you apply on. Also it just doesn't look right on my lips , it actually transfers blue which isn't very appealing. Overall i'd still give this product a 4/10 for it's original name , and texture.


  1. have you thought of making a makeupalley account to get rid of makeup you dont like or use anymore, that way you can trade for things you do wanna try out without just tossing them in the trash. or do a blog sale, im thinking of doing a blog sale but i am not sure, i have a stash of makeup i dont use or want anymore but i dont want to just toss em, i feel bad. IDK anywayssss loved this post, and your blog is beautiful! :)


    if you have the time i would love if you could check out mine

    1. yeah but the makeup i got rid of was half used up and i dont really want to sell makeup that is all battered up! lol
      and sure i'll checkout your blog no problem!
      Thankyou very much xxx

  2. This is an interesting post! I normally don't see many like this!