Friday, May 18, 2012

High end Lip Butters?

 Yes. I'm still alive!
Sorry I haven't posted in what feels like forvever!! I've been really busy with school, but now that I'm on the verge for finishing i'll be posting again!
So today I was running errands , and shopping for a birthday gift for my little cousin and I saw these sitting on aisle, and decided to check 'em out. I've seen so many girls talk about these lipbalms before , that i couldnt resist! I don't know why but right away when I saw them it reminded me of Laura (also known as Lollipop26 on youtube, or Buy Now Blog Later here on Blogspot). 
The Lip Butters by Korres are super popular and have been for a long time now! I find it weird that Maybelline chose the same name for they're version of "Lip Butters". 
Oh well, its interresting how they have the same name but yet are so different from one of the other. 
The Korres Lip Butters retail for $16.00 (CND) and I got them for only $6.99 in a set of three (and they're full size) ...I know what a steal! They are very smooth , light and moisturizing ... I haven't had them long enough to do a full review , but so far so good!

 Here are the three colors that i got (from Left to Right): Wild Rose, Jasmine, and Pomergranate

Hope you enjoyed! xxx

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new!

This is a really quick update, as some of you might know, I am totally rebuilding my makeup collection.
In the past several months i've used up numerous amount of products. I'm looking forward to trying new brands of makeup and new products! There is so many products I have yet to try, so please tell me your products must haves , and I will definitely check them out! I like high and low end makeup, you can find amazing products at the drugstore. Especially since the past year so many companies such as Revlon , Covergirl and L'oreal have come out with really good products!
I am also on the search for a new way to organize my makeup collection!
So please don't forget to give me your recommendations on products you've been enjoying lately!! xxx

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A touch of color!

Nails of the day!
Thought this was a fun nail combination , so I wanted to share it with you guys! Hihi 
I'm constantly getting bored with my nails and I change them often!
Im wearing:
- Viva La Fuschia by Juicy Couture on all my fingers.
- California Coral by Essie on my ring finger.
- Rainbow in the s-kylie by Nicole by OPI (Kardashian Kollection) added on top of the Essie polish.

                                                Thank you xx

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Products I Regret Buying

There aren't a lot of products that I regret buying and which I still own. I usually throw them out as soon as I see that i'm not using them. Also recently I've thrown a lot of my makeup away. I did a huge clean-up, and i'm now slowly re-building my collection. So here they are!

First product that i'm extremely dissapointed with it MAC's beauty powder in Blush of Youth which came out with the Rose Romance collection in 2009 (I believe). I remember seeing a preview of the Rose Romance collection on Temptalia and I authomatically fell in love with the collection. I thought the rose print was really pretty, which it is. But when I went in the Mac store I swatched it and decided not to get it because of the lack of pigmentation. So when I went at a CCO I saw it there and decided to get it without swatching it, which was a bad idea. I know i'm not the first person to mention how horribly pigmented this product is. I can't even swatch it , it's just horrible. It almost feels like wax/plastic when you try to swatch it. Overall i'd give this product 1/10, because of the beautiful packaging but thats all. Total waste of money.
Another blush that I regret buying is Maybelline Mineral Power blush. This is suppose to give you a "Healthy" glow, and luminous color to your skin. Mmmmh, not so much. This is super chalky I feel like i'm applying crumbled chalk on my skin, with tons of shimmers. Very bad. Also after a couple hours of wearing it I ended up looking like a blotchy clown. It looked H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. Nothing but hate towards this product. Overall i'd give this product a 2/10 for the pigmentation and color.

It's extremely rare that I wouldn't recommend a product by Benefit. I own and love a lot of their products. This is actually the first makeup brand that my mom bought me when I started wearing  a little makeup back in 6th grade. Haha, but this lipgloss i'm just not feeling it at all. I find it smells really discusting and after applying it on your lips the taste gets in your mouth no matter how little amount you apply on. Also it just doesn't look right on my lips , it actually transfers blue which isn't very appealing. Overall i'd still give this product a 4/10 for it's original name , and texture.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Amazing package, and great lasting power. Benetint by Benefit is the blush with the longest lasting power I own. I've been reaching for it a lot this past two weeks especially for school. I find it looks really great with pale skin, and since spring has been pretty dull so far i haven't gotten much of a tan yet. Overall great multi-use product also looks very beautiful as a lipstain. The only down side to this product is that it doesnt seem to show up on darker skin tones.

I also has it in travel size it comes with a clear gloss which very pretty applied on top of the stain. Great option for on the go!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Here's a quick OOTD! 
I want to wish all my followers a Happy Easter! xx

Blazer: H&M
Jean Dress: ZARA
Wedge Sandals: Juicy Couture
Nail Polish: Tart Deco by Essie

Friday, April 6, 2012

March Favorites

Here are a few products that definitly stood out for me , and are worth the mention!
So first you may reconize the Essie polish in Set In Stones, i've been absolutely loving it , and wore it like cray cray! 
Then I have a mini size of the MAC cleanse off oil , I decided to get this in a travel size because I wanted to see how my skin would to react to it. And o-m-g!! it's my new found love. I used to use makeup removing wipes , but they're not even comparable to the cleanse off oil. It removes every little bit of your makeup!
This past month i've really been focusing on getting my skin back on track! 
The winter has been really harsh for my skin ,which made it really dry. 
I apply my La Roche-Posay Hydreane Legere every morning, and at night i switch it up with my Spectro cream. I also would mix it in my foundation sometimes which gave a lighter, and more natural finish to my skin. 
Another new discover of mine was eye cream. Specifically the ANEWclinical Eye lift. I would only apply eye cream once in a while, but since i've been using it daily i've seen a huge difference in my under eye area. It's alot softer and it helped me with my dark circles. The cool thing about this about this specific one is that the orange half you see is actually a Jelly consistency, and it's for your eye lids, and under you have the regular eye cream that I apply underneath my eyes. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Time Lippies!

Sorry i've been MIA for the past week , i've just been really busy , tired , and uninspired i guess.
But today i'm comming to you guys with my favorite spring lippies! 
I've found myself wearing very minimal makeup this past month. I've been really enjoying the bare face look, so it's reflecting a lot in my makeup picks!
Sheer lipstick are my go to products. A lil mascara , lipbalm and a lil tint of color ont the lips & i'm out the door! hihi... I've really been liking wearing nudes/corals/pinks so here's the following 3 products i've been using most often. 

The first Lip product i've been using alot is Dior's Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm, yes indeed the name is very long! I wouldn't call this a lipstick it deifinetly has more of a balm consistency and leave a sheer wash of pinkish/coral color on your lips. This is easy for on the go people , does not required you using a mirror ,or, lip pencil any thing like that which is great! This product is great for people who are outdoors and exposed to the sun a lot since it contains SPF 10 in it. Overall i've found myself using this alot more during spring/summer rather than winter because of it texture and purpose , it's super light and when you wear this you almost forget you have any sort of lip products on your lips! I love it , it's a must for me.

On to the next, this is my ultimate favorite drugstore find! The revlon LipBurst Butters are worth a try! I haven't heard a single bad thing about these balms. The one i'm showing you today in a nudy peache color , called Creme Brulee. This was my most warn color in March. The lasting power is great for these, and I really don't know what else to say beside they're uh-maz-ing! Also this specific color goes with whatever I im wearing. So each time i'm running out of time and I don't know what lip color to wear I gravitate towards this one, that's why I keep it in my school bag! Its super creamy and has a great lasting power! 

Then last but not least there's Sweet Sunrise by MAC which is a Lustre, So again it's very sheer on the lips. This lipstick was unfortunetly limited edition it came out with the Naturally collection this winter, but you might be able to find it at your local CCO. I know MAC has tons of other nudes like this so you might find one that is similar (aka creme de nude ,except is it more opact). This color also has hints of peach in it so it doesnt make you look so deadly compared to most nudes. Another favorite of mine for this time of the year, I cant wait to wear this when ill have more of a tan! 

So this concludes my post hope you enjoyed. And if you have any questions regarding the products I mentioned ask me in the comments below. Thank you xx

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nail Polish RAVE!

I've been totally hooked on this polish for i'd say the past Month!
It came out with the lux effects collection by Essie in January. 
Since I got it i've been wearing it non-stop, I either apply it all over my nails over a light sheer pink , or nude polish, but this week i've been wearing it just on the lower half of my nails.
This polish is really versatile. Ohhh! and before I forget to mention this glitter polish is super easy to remove on the nails , I use regular nail polish remover and it goes off like a regular polish which is a great plus! 
I recommend it for everyone, its really worth giving it a try! xx
Here's polish applied on half of my nails , on top of Midnight Cami by Essie

Friday, March 23, 2012

Nars Blushes!

Lately ive been loving Nars blushes, i know Nars are really well known for the pigmentation of theyre products, and their blushes are my favorite! I only own two blushes by them. So i get really tell you if theyre all as good, but so far im really impressed and definetly going to be trying more shades in the near futur! Next i really want to try Madly and one of theyre well known creme blush Exhibit A ...anyways im going to stop rambling and get on with the pictures! Enjoy xx
First Blush: Torrid
Torrid was the first ever product I purchased from Nars, I remember hearing many great things about their blushes and I knew it was the first thing i wanted to try by this brand, and i've been in love ever since. This is probably my most worn blush next to Mac's mineral blush in Gentle. It's such a wearable color for all year long , especially when you leave in Canada and your skin tone is constantly changing. Ive found myself reaching for it all the time. I have to admit though at first I was a bit skeptical about putting this blush on my face because of the tiny glitter in it , but it ended up not showing that much on my skin which im pretty happy about , it makes it a whole lot more wearable. It's very pigmented , a little goes a long way. To apply it I use an angle contour brush it works perfectly for blush application. And im sure it would look great on any skin tone, its definetly a blush i would recommend to everyone!

Second Blush: Gaiety
This blush is one that I recently bought about 3 weeks ago! And just like the other one I only have great things to say. At first when I went at my Nars counter this was the first thing that caught my attention , it's really bright and unusual. The girl at Nars was super nice (they have extremely good customers service!) so she tried it on me, and I automatically feel in love and had to buy it. It looks really intimidating in the pan, but gorgeous on! It gives you such a natural flush to your skin, and compared to Torrid this is a matte and a bit more sheer , but it still remains pigmented at the same time haha! I dont know who to explain but the texture is super silky and easy to apply. Its definetly a buildable blush. Again I'm sure it would look good on every skin tone especially darker skin tones, I recommend you give this blush a try , you wont regret it!


Blouse: H&M
Harem Pants: H&M
Belt: Jacob
Flip Flops: Unkown
Nail Polish: Chanel (color: Peridot)

Fur Vest: Local Shop
Nail Polish: China Glaze (color: Bahamian Escape)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sugar What?

Spring has sprung!
The weather has been absolutely beautiful in Canada this past week.
Very unusual for March its been hot and sunny, the snow has finally melted, and its time to get our tan on!
Therefor this will be my #1 spring/summer makeup item i'd recommend!
Benefit yet again has made another amazing and very versatile product, this beautiful powder box can be used to highlight or as a blush. It leaves the most beautiful glow on your cheeks!
Its the ideal product to pair with any colored blush all year round.
But i have a feeling ill be using this like crazy for the next following months.
The pigmentation of this product is perfect and it has such as beautiful silky texture.
Hope everyone checks out this product , its well worth every penny!
(P.S im a beginner with the whole photographing thing , please excuse the quality)

New Bee!

Yes finally.
I've been going on and off with this whole blogger thing for a while now,
I first made an account in '08 , '09 then 2010 and so on so forth, but i kept deleting them.
I've now decided to stick to plans and make this blog more succesful then the previous ones.
I have no clue how often ill be posting but theres a beginning to everything right?!
I'm planning on making this about beauty , fashion& everything else that relates to those subjects.
Hopefully you'll enjoy ! xx

twitter: @alysonburi
instagram: @alysonburi