Friday, May 18, 2012

High end Lip Butters?

 Yes. I'm still alive!
Sorry I haven't posted in what feels like forvever!! I've been really busy with school, but now that I'm on the verge for finishing i'll be posting again!
So today I was running errands , and shopping for a birthday gift for my little cousin and I saw these sitting on aisle, and decided to check 'em out. I've seen so many girls talk about these lipbalms before , that i couldnt resist! I don't know why but right away when I saw them it reminded me of Laura (also known as Lollipop26 on youtube, or Buy Now Blog Later here on Blogspot). 
The Lip Butters by Korres are super popular and have been for a long time now! I find it weird that Maybelline chose the same name for they're version of "Lip Butters". 
Oh well, its interresting how they have the same name but yet are so different from one of the other. 
The Korres Lip Butters retail for $16.00 (CND) and I got them for only $6.99 in a set of three (and they're full size) ...I know what a steal! They are very smooth , light and moisturizing ... I haven't had them long enough to do a full review , but so far so good!

 Here are the three colors that i got (from Left to Right): Wild Rose, Jasmine, and Pomergranate

Hope you enjoyed! xxx