Friday, April 6, 2012

March Favorites

Here are a few products that definitly stood out for me , and are worth the mention!
So first you may reconize the Essie polish in Set In Stones, i've been absolutely loving it , and wore it like cray cray! 
Then I have a mini size of the MAC cleanse off oil , I decided to get this in a travel size because I wanted to see how my skin would to react to it. And o-m-g!! it's my new found love. I used to use makeup removing wipes , but they're not even comparable to the cleanse off oil. It removes every little bit of your makeup!
This past month i've really been focusing on getting my skin back on track! 
The winter has been really harsh for my skin ,which made it really dry. 
I apply my La Roche-Posay Hydreane Legere every morning, and at night i switch it up with my Spectro cream. I also would mix it in my foundation sometimes which gave a lighter, and more natural finish to my skin. 
Another new discover of mine was eye cream. Specifically the ANEWclinical Eye lift. I would only apply eye cream once in a while, but since i've been using it daily i've seen a huge difference in my under eye area. It's alot softer and it helped me with my dark circles. The cool thing about this about this specific one is that the orange half you see is actually a Jelly consistency, and it's for your eye lids, and under you have the regular eye cream that I apply underneath my eyes. 


  1. I'm a fan of the MAC Cleanse Off Oil too! This time, however, I bought the Tranquil version of it and I don't think works as well- still better than makeup remover wipes though! :)

    1. ahh actually the girl at mac was trying to sell me the tranquil version, thank god i took the original one! hiihi xxx

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  3. love the nail vanish its gorgeous and a glitter nail varnish thats easy to remove? i'm in love x

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  6. That Essie polish is gorgeous! xx